Your first bill

You'll get your first bill within four days of joining O2. You’ll be charged 14 days after you receive your first bill, and your bill date will be the same every month. We’ll email you to let you know how much it will be. Your first bill might be pro rata, which means you'll be charged for one month airtime as well as the first few days of setting up your account.

If you’ve upgraded your device, your billing date will stay the same. Your next bill will be pro rata and might include a charge from your old tariff or Airtime Plan.  

If you're on O2 Refresh we split your bill in two, so you’ll see two payments each month.
1. Device Plan - the cost of your phone or tablet
2. Airtime Plan - the monthly cost of your data, minutes and texts

Both payments will come out of your account on the same day.

If you've signed up to a non-refresh contract, you’ll see one payment each month.

The best way to keep an eye on your bill is to use My O2. You can see what you’ve been charged for, when to pay and how to pay. You can download the My O2 app for free. Text MYO2APP to 2020.

If you joined O2 after 23 January 2014, your bill will be adjusted every April by the Retail Price Index (RPI) rate of inflation announced in February. On O2 Refresh, your Device Plan payments are not subject to inflation and remain at 0% interest.