A line replacement occurs when you would like to move a number away whilst in a contractual agreement and replace the line which has moved away from your agreement to avoid a termination charge.


This is at a cost of £45.00 + vat per line, we can provide you with a PAC code so the current line can move to a personal contract (in which Ice do not provide), we will send you a new sim card for your new connection.


Once the line has moved away we can connect your new sim card with a new number, or if you have advised ourselves you want to port in a different number, we will need this and the PAC code you have obtained for this number from it’s current network provider and we can then get this connected.


If this line is still in contract we will not cover your termination charge, please double check the termination figure if you were to receive one prior to completing this.


This is not a new contractual agreement it runs in line with your current one.

If you have any queries regarding this, contact us at support@ice-comms.co.uk or 0333 202 5000 option 1 for Customer Services then option 1 for Mobiles and a member of the team will be happy to assist.