A spend cap is essentially a safety net of money in which you can apply to individual numbers or your full account.


For example you can place a £5.00 spend cap against any number on your account which allows your selected numbers to overspend on the account by only £5.00, this would be triggered by things such as multimedia text messages, international calls (if not included in your package), non-geographical numbers etc.


Once you reach your spend cap (per number) your lines are automatically barred from ALL outgoing usage, this is due to the spend cap being automated by cost value, this means it cannot determine why the individuals have triggered this limit.


From barring the handset the individual will not be able to call, text nor use data however they can receive these and use Wi-Fi for internet usage.


If you would like your spend cap to be removed to reinstate usage on the device in which has triggered you can do this by contacting our support team.


When you lift this spend cap you are not able to have another until your next billing refresh date this means the line that has had the spend cap removed will be free to overspend to any ability.


If you have called internationally (for an example) and incurred £100.00 of an overspend if you lifted your £5.00 spend cap you would then be liable to pay the remaining costs. If you left your spend cap in place until your next billing refresh date you would only pay the £5.00 you set up as the network honour this.

If you have any queries regarding this, contact us at support@ice-comms.co.uk or 0333 202 5000 option 1 for Customer Services then option 1 for Mobiles and a member of the team will be happy to assist.