Here at Ice-Comms we strive to make sure you experience the least amount of downtime. Therefore we offer several care level options for your services. These care levels mean that we will report the fault to our providers within the stated time frame, followed by an intended fix time or an implemented solution within the second time frame.

Please see the below care level definitions:

Care Level 1: Response time within 6 hours. Clear by end of the day after next, Monday to Friday. For example, report Tuesday, clear Thursday Midnight.

Care Level 2: Response time within 4 hours. Clear by end of next working day, Monday to Saturday. For Example, report Tuesday, clear Wednesday Midnight.

Care Level 3: Response time within 4 hours. Clear by end of midnight on the same day if reported before 11AM. If reported after 11AM, clear time of 12:59PM the next day.

Care Level 4: 6 hour fix round the clock, 365 days a year. Must be reported to BT for the fix to be implemented. Ice-Comms working hours apply.

To find out the different prices of these care levels, speak to our sales team or your account manager here at Ice-Comms.