There are many reasons why VoIP is the better choice in comparison to a traditional phone system or PBX.

Firstly there is the cost. With a PBX you would have to pay for the hardware of the phone system, and for it to be installed in your premises by an engineer. You would then have to pay for any future handsets to be installed and integrated with the phone system as well. With VoIP you only have to pay per handset, there is no cost for the system as it is a virtual system hosted in the cloud. There is no install cost as it simply requires an internet connection.

There is then portability. Should you need to move premises with a PBX system, you would either need to pay an engineer to come and remove your hardware from building one, reinstall the hardware in building 2 and port the numbers location if possible, (needs to be located in the same exchange area or you cannot keep your number).  With VoIP, you simply need to pick up the handset/s and plug them into a different locations broadband connection, you will have working phones instantly with no additional charges and your number is hosted in the cloud so you can move it anywhere in the world and it will still ring your handset(s).

Next there is compatibility. A traditional PBX system needs to have the same make handsets with its base station. So if you require some people to have desk phones and some people with cordless walkabout phones, this can be an issue and may cost more! With a VoIP system, the hosted system can accept inputs from several makes and models of handsets, thus allowing you to mix and match the handsets to your meet your needs.

Finally there is fault raising. If you experience a fault with a PBX, you will need to get an engineer out to visit and fix the physical phone system. Even if you don't have a fault but you want a feature changing or a dialling order changing, someone physically needs to enter this into the phone system. If you have a VoIP system, with everything being hosted, if you have a fault or require any changes to be made, simply contact us and we can make these changes / fixes via the online portal where the system is hosted.